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Somshuvra & Mouboni

A beautiful pre wedding in Gangtok. No matter from where are calling , its us who loves to travel everywhere. 

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Shaili & Sourav

Love is there , it is you how you will express your love. Cute love Story of Shaili and Sourav. 

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Sreeya & Siddhartha

“LOVE FOUND US” .  Its true that someone is waiting for another . This story was same for them. We would like to thank DM DIGITALS for making our wedding video looks like grand. We marry almost everyday after watching this video.

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Sourav & Anushree

“ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE ” . Our marriage was an arranged marriage.  We may be same in culture but our world was different. Our work kept us apart,although we managed our time to be together. Our story was not simple but now we found our love.

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Amit & Puja

Like those other wedding we also capture Muslim Wedding. It was really challenging , fighting hard to get shots within thousands of people. And finally our client was happy to get the final output.

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Debashis & Arpita

We have heard many stories how people meet their partners ,but have you heard  coincidentally falling in love at a first sight in a bank. This story attracts many people as how they met and fell in each others arm.

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Sayantan & Anannya

An unpexted story. Urbi is an indian bengali girl where as Khofi belong from South Africa. Their meeting in Gujarat during Navaratri function , coincidentally brings them together. An Engagement ceremony in Hotel Taj , Kolkata. 

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