Kuntal Weds Joyita Wedding Invitation Ecard

The Groom

Kuntal Saha Chowdhury

Son of
Mr. Chandra Sekhar Saha Chowdhury
Mrs. Swapna Saha Chowdhury

The Bride

Joyita Roy

Daughter of
Mr. Hiralal Roy
Mrs. Debika Roy

Love Never Ends – The story Between us

Love is friendship and friendship is incomplete without a fight. “YES,” We are “Tom” & “Jerry” couple. But as Tom is incomplete without Jerry, the same way I am incomplete without “Joyita”. Our story started when I was at 3rd year Senior and she was 1st year Junior. I first met her during our intro session in the college canteen. I liked her from the very first day and promised myself to make her my soulmate. 
I used to play football and she loved to watch them. Our second meet was on college freshers date where I proposed her and our love story started. A gradually strong bond and chemistry built between us. I know that distance could not do us apart so after college. I went to achieve my career and while completing her graduation to achieve her goals. We trusted each other and gave space and freedom to each other. She is really an amazing girl full of joy. The most important thing I like about her is that she accepted me the way I am. May be love story is simple but it’s our MINE.

Location & Venue

Join Us For the celebration

Request the pleasure of your company at their evening ceremony to celebrate their marriage.

Together & with their families

Invites you to bless them

Marriage Date

22 January 2020

Reception Date

24 January 2020

Wedding Banquet

Gopalpur,Satsang Vihar Road, Opposite Satyam Housing, Asansol-713304

Mrs. Debika Roy – 9609201441

Reception Venue

Goswami Lodge
Purba Satgachia , Purba Bardhaman Near Guptipara , Pin - 712512

Mr. Chandra Sekhar8641864546

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